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Volunteer Thrive Team Sync Assessment

The Volunteer Thrive Team Sync Assessment is for leaders of volunteers who would like to measure their performance in 4 critical areas predicting volunteer retention. Compare your perceptions to those of your volunteers based on the research found for the popular book the Volunteer Project: Stop Recruiting Start Retaining.

  • Leader Scores
  • Volunteer Average Scores
  • Organization Sync Score
  • 10 Page personalized PDF report with recommendations and suggestions for improvement.
  • Maximum of 50 participants
  • Need a multi-site or multi-team assessment?  Email Darren at dkizer@forgeassociates.com


Your confirmation email will contain a link to your survey. Please forward it to all of the volunteer team members you would like to participate in the survey. We highly suggest that you give them 7 days to take the survey and send a reminder at day 5. As the leader, you will be the LAST person to take the survey and then you alone will be able to view the personalized report. It is important that you take the survey on the 8th (last) day so your scores reflect the full teams efforts. Check your email (or spam) for an email with full instructions.  The survey will ask you as the leader for the following Leader Password:  THRIVE